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How to: Upgrade Your Generator

How to: Upgrade Your Generator

Diesel generators can be finely-tuned to meet your business’s power needs as they grow and evolve over the years. As we have discussed frequently in recent articles, 2022 is the year to capitalise on the growing Diesel generator market. With increasingly frequent power cuts, investing in important upgrades to your Diesel generator parts could be essential. But how do you pick the right parts to upgrade, and why would you choose them? Read on to learn more about the Diesel generator upgrade process with the help of our experts here at PowerMark.


Diesel Generators are intricate machines, filled with complex parts that work in tandem to provide your business with the essential power it needs to operate effectively. Every part serves a core function, from alternators to glowplugs. This can make it rather difficult to decide which parts to prioritise when it comes time to upgrade. Here are a few recommendations from our experts.


In these winter months, quick and easy startup should be your first priority. Water Jacket Heaters keep your Diesel engine at an optimal temperature to ensure startup and load acceptance during use. For a quick and easy upgrade that’s perfect for your emergency backup generator, consider investing in a new Water Jacket Heater.


Owners of small generators no doubt value or will value portability in their power solutions. A Diesel generator allows you to quickly set up, set down and travel to jobs efficiently and effectively. This is ideal in the construction industry, especially now that jobs have become far more scarce due to current restrictions. To capitalise on every opportunity without drastic changes to your Diesel generator, look no further.


Control boxes could help improve the safety, feature set or even efficiency. For example, a DSE8610 Synchronising & Load Sharing Module will allow for load sharing capabilities. This allows your business to use multiple Diesel generators in a smart way, ensuring your business continues to grow alongside your power solution as time goes on.

A DSE7420 MKII Auto Mains Failure Control Module will help provide more accurate info and work more intelligently than an older model, ensuring you have your primary power source under as much control as possible.


Simply put, upgrading your Diesel generator parts is a complicated matter at every step. We recommend you begin by deciding for yourself which part you wish to upgrade. Then call our team of PowerMark experts for help on which compatible parts we offer for your Diesel generator. Then find the appropriate professional to install the part you choose.

No matter what part you decide to choose, trust PowerMark for your upgrades. Browse our range of genuine parts from trusted brands such as Mecc Alte, Perkins and more. We hope this guide helps you pick the perfect part for your Diesel generator upgrade in 2021.

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