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What's the best portable power station for me?

What's the best portable power station for me?

Choosing the right portable power station can be the difference between having reliable power for your camping holiday or not having enough juice to boil your kettle first thing in the morning.

We Supply The Best

At PowerMark we only supply a select handpicked range of portable chargers, with the Constant Charging Solutions 300, 500 & 1000W currently available on pre-order for a discounted price, giving you high power for an affordable price. The units comes with 3 USB A’s, a USB C, cigarette lighter and a UK 3 Pin socket, coupled with the top mounted handle, the compact unit gives a high output for its size, no matter which wattage you purchase.

Now available is the option to purchase a 120W solar panel, giving you unlimited power when out in the blazing sun this summer. The inbuilt lighting also enables you to light up your room with different flashing options should this be needed. We are also in the future bringing a 2000W unit for even more power.

Bluetti - New In

We have also recently brought in Bluetti, to which we offer their extensive range of portable power stations. These units such as the AC50S and EB70 are a great alternative to Constant Charging solutions, albeit a higher premium price.

The Bluetti range currently covers options for expansion battery modules, such as the B230 and B300, giving your existing Bluetti battery bank an extra boost of running time. Currently, the Bluetti Range has the AC200Max which is 2200W and the EP500Pro at 3000W, which are great replacements for the traditional portable petrol and diesel generators. 

Now, which would you choose? Get in touch and speak to the team and we will guide you in the right direction.

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