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UPS Installation

PowerMark are experts in UPS system installations and maintenance. The PowerMark Business support team can guide you to the right protection team for your home, office and business.

Offering our customers nationwide support, we can offer bespoke installation solution packages to our customers such as rack mounted UPS solutions, compact UPS,  containerised UPS systems and N+1 parallel UPS systems.


Our term of experts offer a no quibble free site survey, ensuring you get the best advice for your UPS system. 

Over 35 years of UPS Installation, servicing and maintenance experience

All UPS brands, power range and sizes supported. 

Factory trained and fully qualified engineers

Our engineers have vast knowledge of servicing UPS Systems, meaning their hands on experience and continuous knowledge/ development is amongst the best in the industry.

Fully equipped vehicles and factory

Our vans are equipped to carry out on site servicing and maintenance works. Also our 30,000 SQFT factory ensures we can cater to all major service work in here.

Nationwide UPS Installation

Whilst our HQ is based in Selby North Yorkshire, our service network covers the whole of the UK.

What our expert team considers

Space – Our engineers will cross check that the room the UPS systems is located in, is leaving enough room for service access and to ensure the room has enough ventilation. Being able to replace batteries quickly and efficiently is very important, to reduce downtime. 

Heat/Cooling – It’s important that the batteries are cared for, and operate at the correct temperature. Our experts can ensure the room is well ventilated to provide adequate cooling for the batteries and UPS system.

What System you need – The team at PowerMark understands that each business or application requires a different UPS system installation. Whether it’s a rack mounted UPS system or Parallel N+1 UPS, we got you covered.

Maintenance Packages – Every system is different, our team will ensure you get the right UPS service package, that suits your business.

Our team of UPS engineers can install the UPS in your home or business. They are fully operational 365 days a year, 24/7, because they know it’s important that power downtime can have a huge adverse effect on business.